Sultan Cave Suites - Your Cappadocia cave living experience in modern-day luxury! Terraced above the village of Goreme, our beautiful hotel offers the modern traveler a unique cave hotel experience. Relax & enjoy breathtaking views from our many stone terraces. In the early morning at sunrise, marvel at the sight of hot air balloons filling the sky or  enjoy the panoramic view overlooking the village and surrounding valleys, mountains and the Erciyes volcano in the background.
   The hotel is a visual delight…each room, corner and terrace is tastefully decorated with simple artifacts showing the unique history of the area. With 30 rooms, we offer three types of accommodations: junior suites, suites and king suites. Built over the ancient cave dwellings used for centuries by locals, all the original cave walls have been preserved and integrated harmoniously into the room designs.
Our organic breakfast offers a full buffet with more than 50 homemade local dishes and items. The jams, locally-made Pekmez (a “wonder syrup” made from the pressed grapes used for wine), fresh bread, a variety of local cheese, fresh organic fruits and many other treats can be enjoyed on our terrace or in the charming breakfast room.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel Cave Room Food    

The Seten Anatolian Cuisine Restaurant opened in 2010 at the Sultan Cave Suites Hotel offers traditional, local dishes in a picturesque setting. During the day you can observe local women working over the tandir (a fire in clay-pot), making traditional items for the restaurant such as Yaprak Sarma, stuffed squash blossoms, homemade bread, soup and okra stew. Enjoy lunch or dinner on the terrace or large courtyard. In cooler months, we have a large 4-room indoor restaurant. Please see our Seten Anatolian Cuisine Restaurant page for more details.

​In addition to preserving local architecture, Mehmet Dasdeler (of Sultan Cave Suites) opened the Cappadocia Cultural Center in the hotel. The three gallery rooms showcase antiques from across the ages. The Cultural Center also supports local and international artists by offering classical concerts, local traditional music concerts and art exhibits by local and international artists.
    Next to the Cappadocia Culture Center is the newest addition to the hotel, the Wine Cave Cellar. Created from an original wine production cave, the Wine Cave Cellar offers our homemade wines from the region as well as excellent locally-produced bottled wine. The original cave room is still used to press the local grapes. The Wine Cave Cellar is the perfect place to sample wines from across the region and relax in our cozy cave wine cellar after your dinner at Seten.
    We look forward to welcoming you to our charming cave suites hotel and the opportunity to show you “our Cappadocia” as well as famous Turkish hospitality.