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Seten Anatolian Restaurant in Goreme

A mix of culinary treats and visual delights make the Seten Anatolian Restaurant a wonderful addition to your holiday in Cappadocia. We opened our restaurant in May 2010 with great success! Quickly becoming known as one of the top restaurants in the area, we offer a beautiful setting indoors as well as in the open-air arched courtyard.

Best View of Goreme Village

The name “Seten” comes from the Turkish name for the ancient round stone mill used to process grains. In addition to a seten stone mill, we have an original cave room used for centuries to press grapes into wine. This room is now our Wine Cave Cellar and we continue to use this traditional method to make homemade wines – visit our Wine Cave Cellar for a local wine tasting experience to remember! Savor local dishes, made fresh daily in the traditional method. Our menu offers delicious local appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts from across Cappadocia. Daily, the local women of Goreme prepare special items such as Yaprak Sarma (stuffed grape leaves), Çiçek dolması (stuffed pumpkin blossoms), flatbread, soups, baked okra – all in the restaurant courtyard over an open fire, tandir (tandoori)  or on traditional low wooden tables. We also offer traditional grilled items each evening.

“Kelebek Ali” – the owner of the famous Kelebek Cave Hotel has designed Seiten Restaurant as a cultural center and cave wine cellar. A local from Goreme, bringing an understanding and respect for preserving the local traditions, architecture, and arts from Goreme.

Outdoor Seating

Surrounded by beautiful stone arches, cave rooms and artifacts from across the region…and across the ages – enjoy a traditional Anatolian taste experience in a spectacular setting at the Seten Anatolian Restaurant