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Deluxe Balloon Ride

Hot Air Ballooning is a very special activity that everyone should join when visiting Cappadocia! 

We believe this special ride should not have any flaw that lowers the quality of the experience. That's the reason we always recommend smaller group baskets when flying in Cappadocia.

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Deluxe Ballon Flight (Min 1 Hours)

Ballooning is a very unique activity that your pilot does not have any engine, break, or direction. The pilot uses the burners to heat to the balloon to go up and catch different wind directions. The beautiful landscape with fairy chimneys and caves in Cappadocia has a radius of about 3km. So it is important to have enough time to see around and catch perfect shots.

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Enough Space in the Basket

Basket sizes are 2 to 32 people in Cappadocia! While we highly avoid you to join 32 people baskets we encourage baskets up to 16 people for the most memorable balloon ride!